The co-development process starts with an Innovation Day, a multidisciplinary meeting between your teams and ours. The objective  to identify the adequacy of our technologies with your needs for new products.

Make your products accessible to a larger number of patients, while reducing R&D costs for each party and minimizing the risks inherent in development. For more details, contact us!

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The co-development milestones

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 You need a new product ?

  • Definition of the specifications of your future product
  • Choice of your future distribution territories


  • Signature of the co-development contract
  • Definition of the sharing of development costs and confirmation of countries of interest for each party

Development & Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical development or complete development (pharmaceutical / pre-clinical / clinical) by Unither, according to your needs


  • Distribution in your countries of interest 
  • Unither searches for other distribution partners outside your countries of interest

Discover our latest innovations


Uniflash bannière 3


Uniflash® is  a significant improvement in BTM (Buccal Transmucosal route) technology. This new, non-invasive route of administration has efficacy comparable to an intravenous injection.


Euroject 2


Unither Pharmaceuticals launched Euroject® project to fill single-dose vaccines using Blow-Fill-Seal technology last year. Our disruptive technology is easy to use and safe.



La technologie Sol-gel

A novel ocular in situ gelling delivery system optimizes the induction of diagnostic and preoperative mydriasis